Game-Changer in the Cancer Fight

A Game-Changer in the Cancer Fight?

Rather than target tumors, new drugs unleash the body's own defenses.
Cracking the Alzheimer's Code

Cracking the Alzheimer’s Code

Are we close to conquering one of the most puzzling diseases of our time?
What your doctor should know about women

What your doctor should know about women

We respond to many drugs and treatments differently than men do - with potentially dangerous...
Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth, 2200AD

Climate change has done its worst, and now just 500 million humans remain on lifeboats...
The Longevity Gap

The Longevity Gap

Costly New Longevity Drugs Could Help the Wealthy Live 120 years or more--But Will Everyone...
Should you be taking a statin?

Should You Be Taking a Statin?

Under controversial new guidelines, you might be a candidate.


California's dirty air is driving asthma, allergies and premature birth rates sky high. Is it...
Master of Disaster

Master of Disaster

Earthquakes and hurricanes will always wreak havoc - but this risk management expert says the...
Weaponizing Mosquitoes

Weaponizing Mosquitoes to Fight Tropical Diseases

How scientists are fighting malaria and dengue fever by turning disease-carrying bugs into their own...
Going to Extremes

Going to Extremes

From floods to cyclones to fires of unimaginable ferocity, climate change has unleashed a host...
Fracking Nation

Fracking Nation

Environmental concerns over a controversial mining method could put America's largest reservoirs of clean-burning natural...

The Hot Zone

Dengue in Texas. Malaria in New York. Hypertoxic pollen in Baltimore. Climate change is scrambling...
Whole Family's Guide to a Healthy Heart

The Whole-Family Guide to a Healthy Heart

Here's everything you and your loved ones must know. (Surprise: You each need something different!)
How Much Do Chemicals Affect Our Health

How Much Do Chemicals Affect Our Health?

Phillip Landrigan tracks how dangers like the WTC can cause problems like ADD.