A person pushes a cart of their belongings through a homeless encampment on Sept. 23, 2021, in Los Angeles. Addressing homelessness has been a top issue in the L.A. mayoral race. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

LA Mayoral Hopefuls Agree Addressing Homelessness Is Crucial but Disagree on How

masked older lady

In California Nursing Homes, Omicron Is Bad, but So Is the Isolation

A woman gets a shot at a physician's office where people can receive both the COVID-19 and flu vaccines. Photograph by Vyacheslav Prokofye, TASS via GettY Images

Is a ‘twindemic’ of flu and COVID-19 about to hit the U.S.?


What we know about the super-rare blood clots linked to the J&J vaccine

Cocoanut Grove Fire 1942

How a Deadly Fire Gave Birth to Modern Medicine

A health worker screens visitors for COVID-19 symptoms at the Tembisa Hospital in Tembisa, South Africa. Photograph by Guillem Sartorio, AFP via Getty Images.

Why we need booster shots against variants to help end the pandemic

Kidney transplant patient Robert Waddell, center, with his wife and children after being off immunosuppresants; photo aken last summer in Perdido Key, FL. Left to right: Christian, Bailey, Rob, Karen (wife), Robby and Casey. Photo courtesy Rob Waddell

New Hope for Organ Transplantation: Life Without Anti-Rejection Drugs


Doctors Wanted

A looming physician shortfall – of up to 120,000 doctors by 2030 – has hospitals compensating...
prescription drugs

The Fight to Lower Prescription Drug Costs

Policy Makers and Companies Should Start Here to Reduce Medicine Costs for All Americans

Alzheimer’s Under Attack

Big Pharma has spent tens of millions of dollars searching for a drug to halt...
What it takes to reach 100

What it takes to reach 100

The secrets to staying young may lie in the DNA of the oldest among us.

Deep Water Horizon Extends Its Toxic Reach

Scott Porter remembers the last time he felt completely well.
Why Geographic Cancer Clusters are so hard to prove

Why Geographic Cancer Clusters Are So Hard to Prove

Poor rural towns and communities of color are dumping grounds for the nation's toxic waste...
Hospitals Goals

Hospital’s Goal: Healthy and Happy Kids

As Hospitals Focus on Prevention and Population Health, Many are Giving Mental and Emotional Well-being...
Retiring Retirement

Retiring Retirement

The Aging Population is Changing the Workforce.