Linda Marsa
Linda Marsa


How to pick the right surgeon

How to Pick the Right Surgeon

Act as If Your Choice is Life or Death--Because it Often Is
Life after cancer

Life After Cancer

The Importance of the Survivorship Movement
Stem Cells

Are Stem Cell Clinics Legit?

Hundreds of clinics now offer pricey injections to treat ailments without insurer or FDA oversight.
Ross Garnaut’s Bright Idea

Ross Garnaut’s Bright Idea

The Septugenarian is Quietly Orchestrating an Energy Revolution in the Private Sector
What it takes to reach 100

What it takes to reach 100

The secrets to staying young may lie in the DNA of the oldest among us.

Deep Water Horizon Extends Its Toxic Reach

Scott Porter remembers the last time he felt completely well.
Why Geographic Cancer Clusters are so hard to prove

Why Geographic Cancer Clusters Are So Hard to Prove

Poor rural towns and communities of color are dumping grounds for the nation's toxic waste...
Hospitals Goals

Hospital’s Goal: Healthy and Happy Kids

As Hospitals Focus on Prevention and Population Health, Many are Giving Mental and Emotional Well-being...
Retiring Retirement

Retiring Retirement

The Aging Population is Changing the Workforce.
The Poisoned Gulf

The Poisoned Gulf

When the Deepwater Horizon blew five years ago, a desperate BP flooded the Gulf with...
The High Cost of Cancer Care

The High Cost of Cancer Care: Your Money or Your Life?

In the battle against cancer, the high cost of drugs can lead to life and...
The People's Scientist

The People’s Scientist

Wilma Subra helps vulnerable communities document the health toll of industrial pollution.
Game-Changer in the Cancer Fight

A Game-Changer in the Cancer Fight?

Rather than target tumors, new drugs unleash the body's own defenses.
Cracking the Alzheimer's Code

Cracking the Alzheimer’s Code

Are we close to conquering one of the most puzzling diseases of our time?
What your doctor should know about women

What your doctor should know about women

We respond to many drugs and treatments differently than men do - with potentially dangerous...